Our CoL Vision

Our Vision:

An unrelenting collective focus on success for all.

To achieve our vision we will, over the next three years, prioritise the strengthening of our collaborative practice through focussing on our three key learning challenges.  

By collaborating together and sharing the different strengths, interests and passions of teachers, leaders, Boards of Trustees and whānau across the community, we will be in a better position to access skill sets, knowledge and expertise that may not be available within each of our individual schools.  

It is anticipated that, by having teaching staff across the Community of Learning contributing to this work, all schools will benefit from the shared expertise and experiences of others.

We are passionate and determined about being unrelenting in this collective focus as all schools within our Community of Learning can see the benefits of collaboration. These students are our collective responsibility.  Accountability within and across schools will be paramount to achieving success for all.  

From 2019 our main focus are will be "Developing the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of our students and staff"